Ty hiking in Joshua Tree National Park

Hi! I’m Ty.

I’m an award-winning analyst and data scientist who’s nuts about neural networks.

My technical articles and papers have been published in Towards Data Science, the Defense Technical Information Center, and Hacker Noon.

I work mostly in Python, building models with TensorFlow and APIs with Flask. I still think it’s funny telling people I work with pandas every day. I also have experience with R, and I can make data visualizations with JavaScript, too. My portfolio has more details if you’d like to see some examples.

Apart from work, my wife Corrie and I currently live on the road (or used to, until this coronavirus epidemic), traveling the United States in a 24‑foot RV! If you’d like to see where we’ve been in photographic form, your best bet is Corrie’s Instagram account. I also post 360° photos from our hikes every now and then.